Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh, you did *not* make that typo!

Cute Overload makes me smile daily and giggle out loud almost as often. I always try my darnedest to wait until the end of the day to look at the site, because then I can look at all the day's postings at once. I like the idea of hoarding all the cuteness and happiness and giggliness into one gigantic cute-happy-giggly moment at the end of a long day, but I almost never make it that long. So I usually end up checking things out around 10, giggling, checking for updates after noon, giggling at the same post that was up earlier, checking again at around 3, giggling at the one new post, then scrolling down and giggling at the post I've already giggled at twice. That's a lot of giggling; people are going to start to suspect... (I throw in an occasional "awwwwwwwn" too, just for good measure, and I've gotten a few people on the Cute bandwagon.)

One thing, though: I'm gonna have to bookmark the site eventually, because when I type in the site name, I always always type in "Cute Overlord" first. And then, of course, I giggle about that for awhile.