Wednesday, January 04, 2006

String Cheese

I've never been a big fan of the fake holiday that is New Year's, or of all that "resolution" nonsense. But this New Year's, I made (not a resolution) a deal with myself to crank up my motivation: write more, write better, have a purpose and maybe even find a nice, cozy little niche to curl up in (with all my purpose and motivation and better writing.)

And even though New Year's was only four days ago, I have some excellent non-resolution/deal-with-myself news: mission accomplished! Yesterday I was offered a position as a fashion and beauty stringer for a national web magazine. I'll be writing 12 pieces a month, getting some free shwag, and even making a little bit of money.*

Honestly, though, it's not the free loot or the stipend that have me all worked up; I'm excited about writing for real again. I was starting to miss assignments and deadlines and editors and that little frantic what if I don't get this done? What if this isn't at all what they're looking for? thrill. I'm a nerd, I know.

And, I know, fashion 'zine schmashion 'zine. I probably won't win a Pulitzer this year. But I'll have fun, and this gives me purpose...

... purpose and an actual, legitimate excuse to read Cosmo and US Weekly.

* I have already placed strict limitations on the allocation of these new funds; they are to be used strictly for research: magazine subscriptions and trendspotting expeditions (read: going to bars). Whatever would I do without a budget?