Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Four's my Lucky Num-bah

Really. It is. All that numerology, add up the numbers of your birthdate, divide by your social security number nonsense always comes out to four for me. So... I guess I have to do this meme, courtesy of Kara:

Four jobs i’ve had in my life:
• Swim lesson instructor (freezing water + bitchy kids)
• Pop music writer (free concerts + bitchy celebs)
• Art slave at Black Hair magazine (free weave advice + bitchy editors)
• Art director (free pizza + bitchy-fabulous co-workers)

Four movies i can watch over and over:
• Bring It On
• Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
• Grosse Pointe Blank
• Home Alone

Four places i have lived:
• Hudson, Ohio
• Colleyville, Texas
• Evanston, IL
• Chicago, IL

Four tv shows i love to watch:
• CSI: (but not its spinoffs)
• America's Next Top Model
• There and Back, the comeback story of Ashley Parker Angel (Kidding!... well, OK, I watched it once. Shut up!)
• Seinfeld

Four places i’ve been on vacation:
• Cork, Ireland
• New Orleans/Mardi Gras '95 (I was 13... scandal ensued)
• Savannah, GA
• Vegas, baby!

Four websites i visit daily
Television Without Pity
What the Font? (Because I'm shit when it comes to identifying anything but Futura or Knockout)
Chicagoist (Thanks for the tip-off, Kara!)

Four of my favorite foods:
• McDonald's fries with a Wendy's Frosty
• Tortilla chips with really hot salsa and a margarita (not technically food, but...?)
• Wild mushroom goat cheese quesadillas from Central Market in Dallas
• Anything peanut butter

Four places i would rather be right now:
• Somewhere Mediterranean
• Back in college, but learning to do something totally different, like forensic science
Thee Fish Bowl in the apex of the Evanstonian Universe
• Basically anywhere besides my desk

Four bloggers i am tagging:
• I'm copping out like Meghan did; if you wanna fill this bitch out, by all means, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Just let me know that you said it.