Monday, December 05, 2005

Just FYI

Because I put so much stock in these kinds of things, my horoscope from this morning's RedEye:

For the past few weeks you've despaired of a romantic future. "I'm destined to become the crazy old cat lady with 50 felines and no boyfriend." Mecury is entering your sign, changing your luck. Remember how fabulous you are, and others will too."

So there. I'm fabulous. Remember?

Also: Remember this guy? He's finally graced us all with his presence and replied — in a very thorough, six-point self-defense outline, I might add. He's also suggested that I respond to his response, since, apparently, I'm at my best when expounding on the indicative patterns that have led to my belief that, as we speak, I am becoming "the crazy old cat lady."

Never one to turn down reader requests, I'm currently working on my own thorough six-point self-defense-defense thingy, and will post as soon as it's ready. 'Til then, read up and review. You'll be tested.