Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Slice, Slice Baby

I have to say, after getting a few initial omigod-they-expect-me-to-run-marathons jitters out of the way, my job pretty much kicks ass.

Maybe most importantly, I finally, for the first time ever, have an e-mail address that's just erin@. I know. Weirdo thing to get all worked up about. But seriously. I've always wanted an erin@ e-mail address. No impersonal last names, no even-more-impersonal initials, no (bleck!) numbers. Just simple, concise, elegant erin@. I love it.

Also, in our winter issue brainstorming meeting, when I jokingly suggested we get an ultrahot male model for our annual Gift Guide cover, not only did I get a hardy hell yeah from everyone, but the Zoolander references started flying almost immediately. Cut to tomorrow: I will meet and interview a "really really ridiculously good-looking" model (with a real headshot to boot!) to see if he's cover material. Then on Friday, the art department will spend the day in The Studio (sounds so offish, huh?) to direct an all-day shoot. I will be taking on the role of Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model, which entails wearing lots and lots of orange makeup and directing the shoot like I've never even looked at a picture, let alone told someone how to take one. I will be bitchy and fabulous.

And finally, get this. Today I spent all day (between the Starbucks run and the long lunch) working on a photo illustration in the style of Hanoch Piven for a column about how stupid Americans get all psyched up by visiting websites like this one that convince you that your everyday activities burn tons and tons of calories, and imply that working out isn't really necessary if you do things like, say, shear sheep or vacuum expanses of carpet or blink on a daily basis.

The column talks about how one of the "healthy suggestions" on the official FDA food pyramid website involves making a face out of fruits and veggies and then eating it. Kind of morbid. Also kind of a brilliant art concept. So I spent the better part of the day (Pumpkin Spice latte at my side) slicing and dicing and artfully arranging oranges, bananas, red and green peppers, and kiwis.

The entire experience conjured fond memories of first grade arts and crafts day, except today I got to play with a big sharp knife (which I felt kind of guilty about stowing in my bag and carrying on the El) and was getting paid to play with my food.

What did you do at work today?