Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New gig, day one.

New job seems good. Here's an excerpt:

"Hey, you must be the new Art Director. From Northwestern. I went there, too. Hey! I just remembered. There's a mini-marathon fun run tonight, and if I bring a freind, we both get free t-shirts! You up for it?"

Uh... I had to curb my initial response, which was, "Sheeeah! I can't even make it up to my third floor apartment without wanting to die!" And then I had to resist the urge to blurt out my secondary response, which was, "The only place you'll see me running is away from a marathon!" And... my third response ("Just because 'fun' and 'run' rhyme doesn't mean they were meant to be used in conjunction with one another") was also squelched.

I told her I was still unpacking and hadn't found my running shoes yet (my entire employment is going to be based on a lie, a LIE!!

In other news, I accidentally on purpose groped some guy reading Nabokov on the El on the way home. He was so asking for it, though.