Sunday, September 18, 2005

"I know, right"

I hate when people say that.

Where did "I know right" even come from? People say it everywhere, so it's not a regional thing, like pop vs. Coke*. It kind of cropped up everywhere at once, I think. Like, one idiot said "I know, right," and somebody heard them and thought, "wow! That's a great way to agree with someone with a handy, built-in, easy-out option if you later decide to disagree with them." Then, of course, it wound up in Mean Girls, and thus "I know,right" became a permanent part of the American lexicon. And now everyone says it, almost reflexively.

EXHIBIT A — Me: Now everyone says it. You: Ew! I know, right?

And what does it even mean? That you have an opinion, but you need my permission to validate it? Don't ask me if you know immediately after you tell me you know. Either you know or you don't know. The next time you say, "I know, right," expect me to say, "no, you're wrong. You obviously don't know, so don't waste my time trying to convince me you do." It's the worst catchphrase since "am I right or am I right?". Don't give me options, 'cause I'll take you up on them.

* It's Coke. It's all Coke.