Sunday, September 11, 2005

... And She Was Always Down

Today started off well enough. Because my move didn't end up costing me nearly as much as I'd originally thought, and because I started a sort of unemployment contingency fund that I'm not going to need, and because it's gorgeous in Chicago, and because Fernando has agreed to teach me the ways of the photographic world, I decided I was going to invest in a pimped out new camera.

I did all the research, read the reviews, analyzed the pros and cons, and picked a camera I liked. I even convinced myself that I needed to make such an expensive investment to build up my credit. So out I went, on yet another public transportation adventure. Turns out my phone had other plans for me.

I know I've written about Freakin' Sprint! before, so I'll spare the tirade. I'll just say that my phone started acting weird, then up and died, en route to the camera store without showing any I'm Sick signals prior to. I panicked, thinking I'd have to buy a new phone, track down everyone's numbers again, be incommunicado for days: basically I'd have to pick up the pieces of my broken life because of Freakin' Sprint! and yet another of its fuck-ups.

The only thing I could think to do was storm a Sprint store and tell those bastards what was what. Again. So I went to Comp USA, pretended to be interested in a computer, discovered that Comp USA has what is officially the slowest internet connection of all time, so I went to the Apple Store instead. I found out that the closest Sprint store was on La Salle, so it was back on the El, then walking, then walking some more, then... finding out FREAKIN' SPRINT was CLOSED ON SUNDAY! Because no one's shit breaks on Sundays, it's like a rule from the Bible or something. (Freakin' Sprint!)

And then that "I'm-Having-The-Worst-Week-of-My-Life" inner dialogue started. And I have had a pretty shitty week (although, I know, I know, it could be a lot worse.) I had to work on Saturday, I'm getting sick, probably because I haven't been sleeping, I haven't really clicked with my coworkers because I don't have anything to add to their ceaseless marathon-training conversations (which won't end until mid-October) and I've generally felt pretty sad and alone all week.

Last night, Robyn and I were out and she asked me, "Do you ever look around at these places and feel really depressed that you're back out there again?" I had to think for a minute. I told her, "Yeah, but take away the 'again.'" It's true. I haven't felt this undesirable in awhile, and being called into work on Saturday (when I've only been on the job for four days) really put a damper on my curling-up-in-bed-and-sorting-things-out-on-my-own ritual.

Oh yeah, and on the ride home today, a guy sat down next to me and proceeded to unwrap his brand new shiny digital camera and fiddle around with it, like, how the hell did he know I had initially set out to buy a camera before everything went terribly terribly wrong?

But, as usual, things started looking up when I got home and decided to actually do something about at least one of the things that was bothering me. I'd had enough with my phone, so I took a screwdriver to the back. That didn't do anything except scratch it, so I dropped it on the floor (I figured if I was going to have to buy a new one anyway...) The battery popped out and I put it back in and... good as new! See? Throwing things always works. I learned this as an only child. Then I went for a walk to the hardware store and bought some bolts to put together the table that's been sitting in pieces on our floor since we moved in. I won't go into how Freakin' Ikea! screwed us (literally) by giving us the wrong connector parts not once, not twice, but three times, but I will say that I've taken that thing apart and put it back together about a hundred times. I bought some new pieces I thought would work, took them home, jimmied them around a little, and hey! They actually fit!

Now we have a pink kitchen table! I was so motivated after my crafty streak that I cleaned off our back porch, something I've been meaning to do for a couple weeks.

So, see? Everything balances out. I can't say assembling cheap furniture made me feel 100% again, but it helped. Starting tomorrow, things can only get better. And also? Did I mention our pink kitchen table? (Pix to come when I get my new camera — fingers crossed for tomorrow!)