Sunday, August 28, 2005

It is so over between us!

For the record, the CTA bus system and I were never meant to have a relationship. Issues with timing and breakdowns in communication abound, and I have, more often than not, gone to bed angry after our encounters.

That said, things were going relatively smoothly for us this afternoon. The Trip Planner did not [for once] lead me astray, and I had to walk exactly zero blocks [a first!] to get from bus to bus to final destination.

But that was on the way to Target.

On the way back [note: "the way back" can also be read as "the way where I'm carrying three heavy shopping bags"] I got off at the right transfer stop, but couldn't find a stop for my second bus. I was trapped in hectic, sweaty, most likely drunk, gamebound Wrigleyville foot traffic, which I was trying to walk against, and if I wasn't shouldering my way through a sticky throng in a police-controlled walkway, I was being heckled by a scalper.

Somewhere between finally finding my stop (five crosswalks, ten t-shirt stands, and about a thousand and two Cubs fans away), waiting for a no-show bus for thirty minutes, deciding to give in and walk back to the El station, and seeing -- and chasing -- my bus for a block to no avail, I got this gem from a guy in a jersey on a street corner:

"Tickets! Anyone need tickets? I've got groups, I've got pairs. Hey, Lady, you need tickets? I got one single left!"