Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Jane quit her job, too!

Here's my favorite quote: "Jane was the one women's magazine that didn't consistently inspire self-loathing." Heh. I was so busy loathing Jane, and her freaking "I was sooooo young and awesome when I started Sassy, and I'm still awesome. What have you done, Erin, HUH? WHAT?!" attitude that I didn't have enough time for self-loathing.

Like, in the most recent issue, she's all, "When I was in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, blah blah blah, and everyone wanted to set me up with him because we were both young and awesome and I was so young and awesome when I started my first magazine. Can you effing believe that? OMG!" Bitch.

(OK, shut up, so I actually worship Jane and want to be just like her, and I'm glad she quit her job, because it makes me feel better about quitting mine, and since I'm young and awesome and now awesomely unemployed, maybe I can go start my own magazine, and use it as a forum to talk about my awesome life. You know, like I do here. OMG!)