Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feeling Prolific...

So, yeah, I haven’t been much for the updating of late. I am quite convinced I forgot to pack my quite impressive ability to polish off – and comprehend – a Dickensian tome in the matter of mere days when I moved from Chicago to Dallas. Said ability is probably still lodged in one of the two or three lone nooks in my 600-square-foot former abode. Drat. And so, as my record shows that I am obviously apt to misplace ability (or – gasp! – forget about it altogether) I posit that finding the time for typeset profundity has been lost in the shuffle. Only temporarily, I hope.

If I fail to update again shortly, know that I am carefully perfecting the routine of spending my day’s two waking/nonworking hours basking in the buzzing azure glow of the television. (Really, though, it’s getting to the point where I can’t fall asleep without a movie humming in the background because I need to hear the muffled banter and feel the faint flickering through my closed eyes. A real friend would start to get concerned at this point…)

Know also that, although I seem to be putting in a lot of time making sure other peoples’ pipe dreams come to fruition, I’m still surreptitiously working to make sure my own do, too.