Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This just in:

I am bored with the following things:*
1.) My blog title. The current title was only intended as a starter title, training wheels for a blogging neophyte if you will (and you better). It's outstayed its welcome, and I'm ready for a change. Nothing from poetry, please.

2.) Weekends. I need to go to an art exhibit or a flea market or a car wash or something. As great as OnDemand is (and it is great, believe me), it does not a complete weekend make. I should break out that "painting" I was working on, too. That lime green background had potential. Still has potential...

3.) Weekdays. See above. Subtract OnDemand. I'm losing motivation at the speed of (insert cliche here).

My life has become decidedly soap operaesque. Something scandalous happens to each character about once a season, right? And the rest of the time they're just sitting around in their underwear at their minibars** dishing about or secondhandedly contributing to other peoples' scandals. So, yeah, aside from the underwear thing and the minibar thing, and, really, the scandal thing, I'm living in a soap opera.

Ennui really is the word of the week.

In other news: it's prom-y time in the coverage areas***, and I've been bombarded with images both visual and verbal of glitter and poof and the timeless 'comfort vs. style' debate re: footwear. Looks like it's about time to break out my own Promtale. It really is a good story (better with live reinactments, but ah well) and one I'd like to spend some time writing. Stay tuned... maybe this is the motivation I need.

* Insight and/or boredom reducers much appreciated
** How is it that all rooms in soap opera scenes have minibars? And does anyone in real life own decanters?
*** I can hear the ensuing rejoicing now.