Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hazy and Dolorus, Redux

This has been the longest weekend ever. It’s Sunday, it feels like it should be next Sunday (is that even possible? Sure it is.)

I’m in a listy mood. Actually, I’m in a very restless mood, and attempting any sort of prose would be futile, so a list it is.

This weekend:
Books: 1 finished (White Noise; much better the second time around.) 3 on the docket.
Purchases: shampoo (new brand, hair smells like flowers); bra ($50 - ! - a good investment, though)
Song: Mr. Brightside by the Killers
Beers: 1 green; 9 non-green
Walking: At least 3 miles
Sunburn: Nose and cheeks; painful,but very endearing, I think (sorry Robyn!)
Naps: 3 in one day (a record)
Home: No
Work: Yes
Laundry: No (should be yes)
Car wash: Maybe later (hunting for quarters)
Realizations: 3

a.) I am too old for this (“this” being waking up early for getting-drunk purposes, then falling into a series of non-sleeps that add up to nothing.)

b.) I am too young for this (“this” being everything aside from the scenario related above. I’m just a kid, really, despite online quizzes to the contrary.)

c.) I’m afraid I’ve lost my affinity for Diet Cherry Coke. I’m on number three of the day, and it just tastes sticky and lukewarm and lacking. But those motifs have been cropping up lately, so I’m hardly surprised they’ve weasled their way into applicability concerning even my beverage-drinking habits. It’s a habit I need to break anyway; maybe this is a sign that it’s time to get down to breaking.

It’s not like I want to go into the capital-f Future with this habit, right?