Saturday, February 19, 2005

Catered by FontDiner

If you’ve ever spent any time muddling through free-font websites (and who among us hasn’t, really?) you understand the beauty of sample phrases. I’ve been muddling through said websites all week (looking for the girliest, swashiest, most tasteless font on the free market, nonetheless), and the sample phrases are becoming eerily applicable to my life.

Maybe I’ve looked at so many lines of ugly type that I’m imagining things, but I am beginning to suspect there is a legion of free-font sample phrase-writing geeks out there tracking my every move. Sneaky little bastards, stealing my thoughts and publishing them on the internet where anyone can see them, free-of-charge! Well, I’m taking them back, and I’m going to go a step further: I’m going to organize them! (There’s no need for you to point out the self-fulfilling prophecy here; I am fully aware that I am just republishing my thoughts on the internet where anyone can see them, free-of-charge.)

Anyway, a poem of sorts, in three parts:

On work...
Staff levels dropped
Work with machines and look
There’s nothing I’d rather do than sit
Viewing time makes it grow
From the sharks in the penthouse
I miss the point of things they have planned
Best they’ve ever done seen

...and on relationships...
I’ve been indulging in ostentatious display
Change and we need it fast
Are you so edgy?
So nobody gets hurt
Change but you stayed the same
Adorable you’re deplorable
Let him run around until he drops

...and on life in general.
Let me kick out the jams!
Another night, no clocks
Infinity goes up on trial
I’m staying home this evening
You run to meet the bills
Medication for my sleep deprivation
...and call it a gift
The handiwork of those little Dachsunds

(And one that doesn’t apply, but is still quite poetic: she’s in that bedroom with that boy of hers, though her face is creased and her eyes seem strange.)

Are you getting the chills yet? Good... neither am I. I know this post is kind of a cop-out; I didn’t even write most of it. Rest assured, though, that I had something great on the burner. I think it was about how the spectrum of sepia tones in Carnivale (and two beers) inspired me to take up painting again. Good stuff, I know, but it’ll have to wait until the painting has actually been taken up.

‘Til next Saturday, then...