Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm just a girl...

... standing in front of her blog... asking it to update its damn self!

You know what would be funny? If I updated my blog. On a Wednesday, of all days. Yep, I know you're dying laughing right now because of how hi-freakin'-larious this whole scenario is.*

I'm completely devoid of interesting experiences to write about, but since there's apparently such a great demand for my writing (regardless of how trite), I'll have to start making stuff up. It shouldn't be hard -- I tend to drift in and out of fiction-capable mode, and snowy (!!!) weather and glowing fireplaces and rememberances of holiday hijinx past act as accelerants in most cases.

Also, I just (re)read one of the most beautiful Nabokov sentences, and it evoked memories of the so-called days of yore when I was a writer and not just a MacMonkey (that's Scottish for creatively-stifled laborer.) I can't replicate the sentence here because a.) I don't remember it exactly, and I wouldn't do it justice by paraphrasing and b.) perhaps the suspense will get to you and you'll read Nabokov voraciously, and then, when you least expect it, you'll come across the most perfect (non-plot-relevant) sentence possibly ever written. What a romantic notion. I'll give you a hint: it's about windowpanes.

Of course, I can't fictionate when I'm in the company of ... people in general, so I'll save it for a really good Saturday post (again, when you least expect it.) For now, I'll occasionally lean back to see if I can see snow out the narrow blinded window that's kind of close to my desk, and I'll try to puzzle out those Christmas Eves when we'd all watch Lonesome Dove and wrap each others' presents (when the receivers were in the room! The scandal!) and when I didn't know why it was funny to call it (every year) "the last good Christmas." I may also try to pinpoint just when that term became applicable, although I'm pretty sure I don't really want to know.

*Actually, please try NOT to die laughing. Craig says dying people are really good at holding on through one... more... holiday ..., so I'm sure you can contain yourself.