Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If "Sic as a Gotcha" was a band, it would write lyrics like...

"Opened up your heart 'cause you said I made you feel so comfortable/
Used to play back then, now you all grown-up like Rudy Huxtable"

That's sheer poetic genius from Ludacris (why doesn't it ever occur to ME to rhyme things like "comfortable" and "Huxtable"?)

Now, I know year-in-review specials are all the rage* this time of year. I don't want to do one because I feel that all the moving around(Colleyville to Evanston to Chicago to Colleyville to Dallas) has jarred my usually-acute sense of pop culture and general year-long awesomeness-awareness. There are, of course, some things that can't go unmentioned as highlights of the year; above are the best song lyrics of 2004. I'll have to think of some other best-ofs before I get a real compendium going. Those lyrics should keep you going 'til then, though. I mean... HUXTABLE?**

* What isn't "all the rage," though, really? Also, hey, if something is ALL the rage, doesn't that mean that there's no rage left to be had by anything else that's supposedly "all the rage?" I'm confused about rage distribution, I guess. Can anything be described as "some of the rage" right now?

** You know, Rudy Huxtable really is all grown up. She's the skanky girl in the Chingy video for "One Call Away," a song about falling in love at Bank of America. Ooh! Here's a good idea: instead of a year-end review of random "best" things, how about a list of 2004's best use of product placement? I'll work on that, too.