Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I've been getting the most gorgeous sleep lately.* Maybe that's why I've been noticing all the minute-but-surreal things happening around me (especially in the mornings.) Today I became acutely aware of how many Park Cities cars have chrome accents on their doors; of how I pass the same people on my way to work every day (hello to the driver of the 2005 Mercedes with the Park Place tags -- your ride is sweet, but I would have gone with black); of just how many half-full cans of Diet Cherry Coke are cluttering all the flat surfaces in my bedroom (oops.)

The strangest thing: today I was drumming my fingers on my steering wheel**, waiting for the (excruciatingly long) light at Mockingbird, when a black Crown Vic (the really harsh, boxy, old school pimp model) pulls up next to me. It's got red airbrushed writing on the doors and the trunk (faux-pas #1): Kitty Kat's Exotic Entertainment.*** There's also an airbrushed illustration of a cat (or, "kat,") and this is what really trips me out. Because it's not a c/kat you'd associate with strippers (er, "exotic entertainers") or Crown Vic drivers, or anyone except maybe your grandmother. It's not sleek or sexy or mysterious (as so many c/kats are): it's brown and long-haired and big-eyed and almost downright cute. Except that it has red eyes. Wow.

So, to the marketing executive that holds the (lucrative, I'm sure) Kitty Kat Exotic Entertainment account: you might want to rethink a few things. The ride is fitting, I suppose, but you may want to look into AP or MLA styles (misspellings strongly discouraged.) And buy copy of Cat Fancy; there are some pin-up-worthy felines in the pages of that fine publication for sure (turn to the center section, unfold, observe [ignore staples], repaint.)

*I've been attempting to replicate Midwestern autumns by sleeping with open windows; I haven't needed to set the alarm for a couple of days now; I've been having the most vivid dreams (and then promptly forgetting all except their vividness); and I just wish someone would burn a pile of leaves in my back"yard" (that would totally complete my faux-Evanston vision.)

** "Goodies," one of my favorite songs to sing along to in the car (and one of the songs that will almost surely be playing on 106.7 between 8:02 and 8:17, when I'm typically commuting); I only really belt it out when it's the version with the rap, though.

*** Faux-pas #2: businesses that spell words incorrectly! Arg! That was definitely a factor in my 4-year boycott of Krispy Kreme (BOTH words spelled wrong!) and it has contributed to many comments-to-self while driving.